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Stop Foreclosure & Auction of Your Home... NOW!


Stop Your Auction Now!
Even If You
Only Have
48 Hours Left!

“Listen, you can stop the bank from doing this to you and your family… “


If you’ve gotten calls and letters from banks already demanding that you to payoff your entire mortgage, in addition placing your home’s status as pending foreclosure, then the first thing you must do is stop the proceedings… even if you only have a few days left.

However, to stop this now, you must take immediate and precise action. Everything must be done without errors and on time.

Remember these banks are trying to take your home and sell it, so they’ll make it as difficult as possible for you. But once you’re able to stop the auction, then you’re have an extended amount of days to develop a plan to reconfigure your housing structure and ultimately keep your family's home.

The most common way to stop this Auction is with a lawyer. BUT attorney costs can range up to...

The lawyer will represent you at the courthouse and will attempt to stop the auction of selling your home… however this can run you up to an average range of $4,000 - $6,000 thousand dollars!!!

Now that’s just to stop the auction… but, in order to keep your home, they’ll attempt to charge you even more just to give you legal advice. - which doesn't guarantee anything.

However over my years of dealing with the ups and downs of the real estate market, and personally going through foreclosures with my own familiar 7 times…

We’ve learned a lot loopholes to stop the auctioning of your house without being forced to pay Attorney Fee of $5000 and up.

Now some homeowners may discover an alternate option or loophole on their own, but if they make even one tiny mistake, the bank’s lawyers will deny your “auction stop” and sell your house on the spot. And not many people are willing to take that chance with their home. And ensure that all petitions and everything is perfectly filed and submitted to the proper channels, things can get very complicated and expensive… since you have to deal with an attorney. But…

We can show you exactly what to do…
Just follow our ”STOP AUCTION” steps
precisely & exactly as we show you.

In the last year, We’ve put every step and simplified every explanation on what you must do to stop the foreclosure auction immediately. And we did that by creating a live series of short easy to follow videos that demonstrate what you have to do to stop the auction from happening immediately and in addition buy you an extended amount of time to figure out how we can take control of your house back from the bank. And no it’s not going to cost you $6000 or even $5000 that you currently may not have, To get all the vital information, tactics and tricks you need, and have all of it in live high definition videos. This way you don’t miss anything (which often happens in a read only instruction document).

Property Rescue Stop Auction

Complete System

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Stop Your Auction Now!

*Instant Hardship Discount Applied

We understand that you are in a tough situation, so I’m personally matching your $403 to help you get started. Time and money is of the essence and we need to make sure you get this done TODAY. So that’s why we created this Exclusive online Discount just for today: So get this program now and rescue your home for just $97. That's it!

Real Family & Real Homes Saved!

Armando L.

Thanks to Property Rescue USA I was able to stop my foreclosure on my own without hiring an attorney. Also, I couldn't afford the loan modification, so I am adding a family friend to get us approved again until I get back on my feet.

Paul S.
- Illinois

Eric helped me stop my auction within 24 hours of the sale date. The house is empty, so I want to get rid of it as soon as possible. So far I have been getting updated every step of the way in the short sale process

Edwin R.
- New York

I had walked away from my property 4 years ago, and it had been broken in by squatters. Property Rescue USA helped me get the squatters out, and secure the property to make sure no one else would get in. They also was able to process the short sale within 2 months, and I got $14,000!

Karen G.

My home was going into foreclosure in 4 days, and I had already paid $3500 to a company that said they would stop the auction a month prior. I spoke with my assigned Real estate expert and she was able to help me stop my auction, kept me informed in every step in the loan modification, and also helped me get back my money from the previous company!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start the process of saving my home once I register?

Great question, Once you sign up with Property Rescue USA you will immediately get instant access to absolutely everything. Within minutes you will receive an email with your personalized login and password to our property rescue members site, There you can access and download all of the videos & downloadable action steps that are needed to save your home.

I only have 48 hours left before the bank sales my family's home at the Auction… Do I still have time to stop it and save my home?

I assure you, You have up until the mallet drops on the Auction date. I do recommend not to wait that long and to act as soon as possible and sign up today. The sooner you act the faster you are out of harm's way.

I don’t have much money, can I afford this and what will I receive?.......

YES, in fact you can’t afford not to sign up! Listen, going with an attorney will cost you an arm and a leg. However, I’m offering an exclusive online only discount where you can save your home for just $97. And that $97 doesn’t only stop the auction and save your home, it also gives you an extended amount of time to figure out your finances and adjust your mortgage to an amount you can comfortably maintain. And once you click the button below to get started... you get instant access to the My Property Rescue System online. Log into the Property Rescue Membersite and in 2 little clicks, your in. Now the best part is that you can access & download the system right from your phone or tablet device. So, you can learn to stop your foreclosure on the go. First, you’ll get Stop Auction Video Webinar. This webinar offers a done for you step by step breakdown on what you must do to save your home. In this webinar you will not only learn the process of saving your home, but you will gain the knowledge needed to share and save others in your similar situation. Next you will get, The Your Property Third Party Authorization This is a special document that allows our team to communicate with the bank on your behalf. Allowing our skilled negotiators immediate access to your case. Giving you the advantage of our team to work for you. You must sign these and email them to [email protected] property include your name and address. Not only that but you will also receive. The Foreclosure Need- To- Knows & Glossary. There is no more second guessing on what needs to happen and what you need to know. These simple ebooks will simplify the complexities of foreclosure that have been designed to keep you in the dark.

Eric could I sign up over the phone instead of online?

Yes you may! Just give me a call at ..1800-215-0262 While you’re on the phone, I can even guide you through the site where the videos are and show you exactly how it all works. Sounds like you're all set... So now that you have all your questions answered... just click the button below right now to get started. And I’ll see you there.

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